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Our curriculum focuses on social/emotional development as well as academics. We provide a nurturing environment using positive reinforcement and redirection to help foster your child’s creativity. We also understand that the preschool years offer children a unique opportunity to develop awareness of emotions in oneself and others. The first school experience can be a vulnerable time for children and families, and we strive to ease this transition with understanding, patience, guidance, and care.

Preschool age is where little ones get to develop social skills, manners, problem solving, as well as understanding and participating in classroom routines. We want your child to learn and grow in a safe and positive atmosphere, creating self-confidence and gaining self-esteem. We encourage kids to show their parents around for the first 10-15 minutes of open play. This gives your child a chance to show off art projects or their favorite toy.

Our goal is for each child to enter kindergarten with:

Each week we introduce a new letter of the alphabet and spend the week incorporating it into our daily curriculum.

Every couple of weeks we add a new number to our curriculum as well. We practice counting daily, one to one correspondence, and play games that utilize numbers and simple adding and subtracting.

We work on both fine and large motor skills, such as writing our names, dancing, coloring, or catching a ball during outside play time. Consider that the ability to use scissors can be just as important as learning the alphabet.


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